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Can I take Heartdrops® while on prescribed medication?
There are no notable contraindications with medications. However, we do recommend that you leave 1 hour between taking medications. In some cases your prescription may require a dose adjustment. Please work with your health care practitioner with regards to your specific situation. Please read the product label for complete directions of use.

Can I take more than one Strauss product?
Yes, however some people prefer to leave time during the day between different supplements.

How long before I will notice any results?
The length of time it takes to feel results will depend on the product amount that you are taking and the individual. If you take the product consistently you should begin to notice an improvement in 2-6 weeks. For The Heartdrop® Guarantee please allow 90 days between clinical tests to qualify.

What if I do not get the results promised?
We offer a 90 day money back guarantee on Heartdrops®.

Are there any side effects or adverse reactions?
Generally there are no adverse reactions or side effects with Strauss products, however with some of our products some people do experience a detoxification stage in the initial week or two which may include mucous discharge from sinuses and lungs, mild headaches, skin rashes, and diarrhea. Please read the product label for complete risk information.

What type of alcohol is used in the preservation of the Heartdrops® ?
We use only NON-GMO ethanol alcohol made from corn.

Do Heartdrops® contain gluten?
No, they do not contain gluten but in order to avoid price increases we do not test every batch for gluten content as required to have a gluten-free label.

Are all the herbs organic?
Our herbs are predominantly sourced from European countries. All herbs are NON-GMO and many are ethically wild-crafted from their native habitat. Other herbs are either organic, natural or grown with traditional farming practices. All are naturally sourced and all batches are third-party tested to be free of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial contamination.

Where can I purchase Strauss products?
Our products can be found at most fine health food retailers. Please click here for a store near you or contact us at 1-866-478-2873.

Where can I purchase Strauss products?
Our products can be found in most health food stores, as well as many grocery and drug stores. Please click here for a store near you or contact us at 1-866-478-2873.

What if I cannot tolerate the product?
We do offer a 100% no hassle guarantee if there is an adverse reaction. However, we do not refund claims for dislike of the strong taste or flavor and suggest people dilute the product in a small amount of tomato juice or pomegranate juice to improve palatability. For those with an adverse reaction please return the unused portion within 30 days to the location where you purchased it, along with your receipt, for a full refund.


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