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“My passion is helping people regain and maintain their health. I believe the next few minutes might be some of the most important  for yourself or someone you care about. I don’t believe Heart disease should be the number one killer in this country.  I know it doesn’t have to be. My story is not unique as literally tens of thousands of people have had their life changed with Strauss Heart Drops.” Please enjoy my podcasts below.


Health and Wellness with Wayne Elliott-610 CKTB Niagara

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | February 27, 2021

Health and Wellness - Seg 1

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | January 30, 2021

Wayne Elliott on Rawlco Radio Saskatchewan - Seg 2

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | April 4, 2020

Wayne Elliott on Rawlco Radio Saskatchewan - Seg 1

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | April 4, 2020

Talk to the experts - Heart Drops - CJOB

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | February 24, 2020

Lets Talk Nutrition - Improving Your Heart Health

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | November 11, 2019

Lets Talk Nutrition - How Can Heart Drops Help You?

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | November 11, 2019

CND-560 - Ask the Expert with Heather Scott

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | October 24, 2019

USA-Power Hour - Ask the Expert

by WAYNE ELLIOTT | October 15, 2019

Jim Strauss used to say Nature had provided everything we need for our health.

The ingredients in Heart Drops are as simple as Mother Nature can offer. The power is in the secret formula. Strauss Heartdrops® has been designed for maximum benefit with no harmful side effects or contraindications with other drugs you might be taking. Besides that, if you are not satisfied for any reason send back the unused portion of the bottle for a full refund. Really, what have you got to lose?

Maybe the better question is…What have you got to gain?

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